Thursday, 24 March 2011

Matt & Kim @ The Relentless Garage, London. 23/3/11

Matt & Kim are an exciteable pair at the best of times, but tonight is a pretty special night for the Brooklyn duo. It's the first show in the UK that they've managed to sell out in advance and they seem just as eager to start playing as the audience are to start dancing. Their growing popularity seems to be mainly an old school word of mouth affair. Apart from popping up as background music on a few US tv shows and computer games there isn't any huge marketing spend at work here.

Their basic setup has stayed the same throughout their seven years of playing live together. Matt plays some fairly simplistic keyboard riffs whilst Kim lays down the beats on her pretty minimal drum kit/climbing frame, but these simple tunes reach a whole new level when played live due to the wild enthusiasm that the pair display at their shows. This frantic exuberance certainly seems to rubs off on the crowd. The whole venue has turned into one big party, which only serves to fuel the antics on stage. During the course of the evening we witness them leaping around like maniacs, dancing like strippers, standing on their instruments, crowd surfing and even crowd walking.

The set itself is a good mix of tracks form across the three studio albums with some cheesy covers thrown in to the mix (Better Off Alone, Sweet Child O' Mine and Just A Friend to name a few) and by the time the set ends with the final notes of "Daylight" the entire audience is one big sweaty mess. At this point the duo decide to join them for a "dance off". I'd imagine that they won.

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